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You care for the Army? Change your votes

Lebanese are so good in sharing statuses and photos on Facebook each time soldiers from Lebanese Army are martyred. Unfortunately, this kind of support is not really effective and do not change the situation. An effective support would be not … Continue reading

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Ramiz Dyoub sold the dream of a nation

Exactly 1 year from now, I was full of hope about Lebanon reaching the World Cup, a dream that I always thought impossible. I rushed to Beirut Sports City stadium on that sunny Sunday to watch the game against Qatar, … Continue reading

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Lebanese citizens have no protection under the law. The wealthy developers can smash us like ants !

Those were the last words of “Habib Battah” in his article about how he got physically assaulted by District S contractor’s staff, just because he took a picture of the historical ruins at the construction site. The ruins were destroyed so … Continue reading

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