The Lebanon-Cyprus Bridge: A Lie?


The recent article about a possible bridge connecting Lebanon to Cyprus dominated Lebanese websites and social networks in the past 2 weeks as it was shared more than 12K times. The article was firstly published in Ad-diyar newspaper in Arabic, than on Beirutnightlife website in English without citing the source. Unfortunately, it was full of mistakes which question the professionalism of these media.

The original article states that:

A U.S. based company presented a project to connect Cyprus to Lebanon with a 150km highway/bridge from Dbayeh to Limassol. Drivers can reach Cyprus from Lebanon within 80 minutes. Passengers between the two countries will pay a fee to use the bridge between the two countries and will be a great opportunity to promote tourism and bilateral economic ties.

The proposal also suggests that after 10 years from implementing the project the bridge will be owned by Lebanon and Cyprus. The project will also include a path for ships, similar to the bridge between KSA and Bahrain which is 14 times larger than the proposed highway between Lebanon and Cyprus.

Some true facts:

  1.  The minimum distance between Dbayeh and Limassol is 240Km and not 150Km. So one has to drive with a regular speed of 200 Km/Hr to arrive in 80 minutes.
  2. The bridge between KSA and Bahrain – King Fahed Causeway – is of 25Km length,  which is 0.10 times – and not 14 times – larger than the proposed highway.
  3. The longest over-water bridge in the world is the Hangzhou Bay in China and is 36Km long. It costed 1.70 billion USD and 600 experts spent 9 years to finalize it in 2007 . So I guess a bridge between Lebanon and Cyprus could take around 90 years to be done.

That said, such a project is unlikely to happen in my opinion and is just another fib.

Posted By Vincent Eid
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2 Responses to The Lebanon-Cyprus Bridge: A Lie?

  1. Yes, I couldn’t agree more, the whole story is total bs.
    However, according to this:
    The longest bridge is 164.8 km, which is still well below the 240 km between limassol and Dbayeh.
    By comparison, the Channel Tunnel is “only” 50 km so a tunnel also seems not feasible.
    It is sad to see that many people just believed in the dream they were being offered and re-posted the article all over.

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