Lebanese Passport: Only better than Sri Lanka, but the most expensive in the world ?!!!

Ranked 219 over 220 passports existing in the world, the Lebanese passport is surprisingly the most expensive one worldwide.

With only 5,296,760 Km2 that someone holding a Lebanese passport can visit without a visa, a Lebanese citizen should pay a world high 40$ ( and 70$ if you need it the same day ) to get that famous blue passport for 1 year. On the other hand, Danish and Japanese passports for example, allow for more than 73,000,000  Km2,  which is more than 15 times than our passport. But a Danish pays 10.4$ for a year ( 104$ for a 10 year passport), while a Japanese pays 13.5$ (135$ for 10 years) .

A simple search on Google about the most expensive passport in the world will point out to the Turkish passport, that was, in fact, the most expensive one, before its cost was halved in June 2010 after increasing public demands, leaving the first position for the Lebanese passport. A Turkish now gets a 10 year passport for 247$.

Such a public demand is far from happening in Lebanon where people are too busy getting in conflicts with each others, and supporting to death their political leaders. Moreover, the majority of Lebanese ministers and deputies have dual citizenship and therefore do not give a shit about the Lebanese passport condition, so we can’t expect neither from any interior minister to lower the passport fees, nor from any foreign affairs minister to improve the passport ranking through negotiations with other countries anytime soon.

It’s Lebanon, where amazing happens.

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54 Responses to Lebanese Passport: Only better than Sri Lanka, but the most expensive in the world ?!!!

  1. ouch for us! just another way we are being abused.
    p.s: i think u meant “accept” not “except” 🙂

  2. EJ says:

    Another reason why no one cares is that more than 80% of Lebanese can’t afford to travel, so why bother

  3. Bob says:

    Are we still considering other nationalities as inferior (yakhhh hayda Iraki, oushh hayda souri, tfehhh ethipian). Lebanese when you want to accuse other ppl to be inferior look at numbers.

  4. al1 says:

    great job , keep up the revolutionary spirit!

  5. Lid says:

    Excuse me, why you use Sri Lanka as example !!! Have you ever been in colombo ???

  6. We should better talk about how much our tiny “hariri international airport” cost instead of debating about this kind of silly rankings. Our passport is 40 dollars, which is not that expensive considering the expenses we have to face by having Israel as a neigboor since 1948.